Company Overview


Our company was established in 2012 by two French entrepreneurs based in the Dominican Republic for several years.
In 2014, the company initiated an ambitious project of production and distribution of 400 tons per year of dried leaves of Stevia, to maturity 2016, on an agricultural area of ​​100 hectares with a concept of fair and responsible trade.
Aware of the importance of the land to the peasants and their commitment to pass on their heritage received from their forebears to the future generations, we did not wish to buy our own land despite the advantageous conditions that we could have obtained under such a project. We have opted for a partnership with a group of small producers, about sixty in a medium term, who want to invest in our project.
The lands will remain their property.  And the Stevia plants we will provide, the means and know-how we will offer them and the entire production we will buy them at a fair market price, will remain ours. A partnership contract will bind us for a period of 5 years renewable.

Today, we harvest our leaves every two months. We dry them and store them at the factory. For the local and American market, we are developing boxes of infusions of leaves and flowers of stevia. For this product, we have registered the brand Sweet green stevia and it seems that we are the first to produce this type of infusions.