Our development model

Sustainable development, responsible and sustainable fair trade.
For a peasant, the land is a durable good, which is passed  down from generation to generation, this is why we did not wish to buy a land but we have opted for a partnership over several years with a group of small farmers that own a few hectares cultivated lands.
We did not either want the peasants to leave completely their traditional crops such as peanuts, peppers or tomatoes, but we would like them to devote maximum one or two hectares to Stevia plantations.
Our specification is rigorous; we initiate a quality assurance approach through an online tracking tool.
The products are completely organic, no exogenous chemical element.
That is how we will be partners of nearly sixty Domincan farmers by the end of 2016.

The Price
Our commitment consists in purchasing all of the production made by our partners at a price set in advance, regardless of market fluctuations.
It should be noted that the price we pay our partners to produce Stevia is much higher than any existing local cultures in the Dominican Republic.

The economic model
Our business model has been well studied in great details, harvesting methods, leaves drying process, the conditioning means and the marketing of our products, and the market growth, provide us a strong and sustainable development of our activity.